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Hearing from God

When I embarked on this rediscovery of my artistic side, it was met with some…shall we say disbelief? confusion? doubt? I could almost see the thought bubbles above people’s heads when I shared what I was planning on doing. Their thought bubbles read like: Oh, another artist…. Isn’t it great she has a new hobby…, wonder how long this will last…. etc., etc.. What they didn’t know is that my calling to create was not a hobby but a actual calling. I believe that we are all given gifts from God and my artistic expression is my calling.

Getting re-started on this journey was not easy. There were the doubters and the skeptics, but I knew I needed to follow His path. When I needed clarity or confirmation or when I seek His guidance I go to the beach. I don’t know what it is about being on a beach, looking across water, that recharges my soul and makes me feel so close to God. I take my questions, my thoughts, my doubts, and my concerns to Him there.

A few months ago, when I was in the process of making some business decisions, I went to the beach and asked God for a sign. Specifically, a piece of blue sea glass. Now a quick back story before I go any farther, my sister has a jar full of sea glass she got from the Jersey shore. I had none! (Really??) I just wanted one piece to know he heard me, and I was on the right path. I walked along the beach and there in the sand was a piece of blue sea glass sitting there like someone had placed for me to find. I was shocked, elated, filled with grace and so much love that He had heard me.

Since that day, I have uncovered 2 more pieces of sea glass. Not all in the same place. I find comfort in these little talks with Father God that confirm I am stepping out in the right direction. His is the only approval I need.

I don’t know where this artistic journey will take me. I don’t know the complete plan God has for my life. But I do know that he will use my artistic talent to help others understand the joy in having a life with Him can bring.



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