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Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

On Friday, August 19th I participated in the King William County Farmers Market. I decided to take some of my creations on the road. It was such a pleasant afternoon it was! Not only did I see friends from church, but I also met so many wonderful local people. My friend Nancy, from The Blooming Dish, joined me with her yard art you see in the back of the tent in the picture below.

There was so much interest in my painted furniture but the pieces that drew the most attention were the old windows that I decoupaged. The hummingbird picture on the bottom right corner of the picture above shows the finished product. The technique is rather simple and produces great results. So, I’ve decided to do a YouTube video showing the process. Hopefully will have that done in a couple of weeks.

Back to the market and why it was out of my comfort zone. I am very much an introvert. I would paint from sunup to sundown. I have also never (besides pictures on social media) displayed my work in a public venue. Displaying your work, no matter what the setting, can be a bit nerve-racking for any artist especially on the first venture. You are opening yourself up to other people’s opinions and let’s be honest people are not always kind. I am so grateful for the numerous compliments and I may even have a few commissions!! This “stepping out of my comfort zone” gave me the confidence to keep looking for opportunities to share my work. To "know in my knower" that I am on the right path. As Matt Tommey always says, “God directs your steps, not your standing still”. I know that God has blessed me with artistic talent and look forward to seeing how he will use it to further his kingdom.

I encourage you if you are feeling a calling from God, to take that first step.The first step is always the hardest but it’s where every journey starts.



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